Out Now: The L Magazine’s Holiday Survival Guide

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12/05/2007 2:30 PM |

Has it been two weeks already? Must be, because there’s a new L Mag on the strets today. Wow, time flies, soon you’ll be dead. Anyway, the Holiday Survival Guide, published in the second-to-last issue of the year, is something of a tradition ’round these parts. So much so, in fact, that we’ve decided we’re tired of offering you tips on Holiday Survival and would instead like to offer you some perspective on the ideal methods of Holiday Sabotage. In the end, we compromised: this year’s Holiday Survival Guide walks you through the Right Ways and Wrong Ways to deal with travel, gluttony, family, old friends, consumerism and holiday parties. Alcohol is frequently suggested as an aid for both the Right Way and the Wrong Way, as regular L readers will be by no means surprised to hear. Elsewhere in the magazine:

  • Tom Stoppard quotes Dylan, and says some other stuff, in conversation with Gwen Orel, who profiles the playwright and his new Rock and Roll.
  • Mike Conklin and I take a look at the instantaneous commodification of punk, Joel Madden’s poses, and various other infuriations in a specal Popscene: Alt-Rock Edition.
  • Edith reviews a new bar that is not very good. It has a mechanical bull, but the bull isn’t currently working, which is a bummer, but at least it “definitely has chairs and alcohol.” That’s the kind of insight you just won’t find in any other magazines, unless you read other magazines.
  • Were you aware that a lot of interesting movies are opening this month? Probably, you’ve seen the posters and stuff. Anyway. Coppola’s Youth Without Youth. Atonement. The Golden Compass. Juno. The Walker.

If in the back of your mind you’re thinking, “all this sounds cool but maybe a little skimpy for a whole magazine’s worth of content,” well you’re right, there’s a lot more in there, as you’ll discover when you pick a copy up today.

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