Out Now: The L Magazine’s Year-End Issue

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12/19/2007 2:00 PM |

Holy shit it’s about to be 2008, seems like only yesterday I was a little baby in a diaper and now I am a wizened old man. 2007, wow, let’s talk about it: out now, and right here at this very website, is The L Magazine’s Year-End Issue, an annual tradition in which all of us at the L go slightly crazy putting together blow-out content and wrapping up the year and thinking too much about our lives and trying, futilely, to get our rest and take our vitamins before the holiday party. So.

The Year-End Issue. 2007 in news, politics, publishing, arts and letters, bars, restaurants, food, fashion, art, theater, activism, sex. And since every year critics complain about having to do their “arbitrary and non-insightful” best-of lists, but secretly love love love writing and talking about best-of lists, we’ve got best-of lists. Our music critics weigh in on The Top 25 Albums of 2007, and the year’s best singles and biggest disappointments. The L’s film critics unveil their Top 10 lists.

You know what? I’m tired. But this issue is really good, and kind of what we’re all about.

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  • I rarely read the theater reviews since I almost never go, but I have to say Eli James’s list is pretty good and fun to read, especially the part when he had to walk on Fulton on way back from BAM, and the King Lear one, yeah, that was pretty creepy.

    Also I noticed you got the Fassbinder’s Berlin Alexanderplatz DVD review in there. They are showing this series at PS-1 for the next couple of weeks if you are interested.