Please Join Me At My Tea-cohol Party

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12/05/2007 10:00 AM |

There’s a fun party tonight, and its theme is children, like Alice in Wonderland. There’s lots of dancing and I can’t do better than this description:

It’s a participatory spectacle of sensory engagement, theatrical Uroboros and disorganized assembly. Burrow
through the black-lit spiral staircase into an evening of immersive audio-visual synergy, light-pulsating latex,
rabbits and holes, madness and hatters. Somewhere between the bar and the dancefloor, stumble upon other
members of the gin induced tea-party and abandon all reticence for a seat, a quick sip and a spin into the story.

Well that doesn’t make any sense, but I think that’s the point. Wear your pinafores, it’s Wednesday night! Aka lump night. Is it cancerous? I hope not. Dancing, drinking, outfits, music, clapping, surprises. It’s at the Theater at 45 Bleecker, go to this link for information about tickets. You can get in for free between 6 and 9pm, or it’s $5-$10 thereafter depending on your ticket.

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