Spanish Cinema When?

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12/07/2007 10:00 AM |

Spanish Cinema Now is the Film Society of Lincoln Center‘s annual survey of the year-in-film that was, in the country that on a map maybe looks like it’s shaped like a big fish that’s about to eat a little fish that’s shaped like Portugal.

And Spanish Cinema Now kicks off tonight, and runs through December 27, the date which corresponds to the beginning of the action in the Sherlock Holmes story “The Adventure Blue Carbuncle.” Spoooooky. In addition to a full roster of sixteen feature films (and one shorts program), the series also features a sidebar tribute to the groundbreaking post-Franco director Pilar Miró, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of her death, and a presentation of the four-part TV documentary La Guerra filmada (The War on Film), commissioned to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War. It kicks off tonight with a program anchored by Under the Stars, a domestic festival hit in which a scruffy urbanite returns home for funeral. Long-dormant familial tensions surface, as is their wont in movies such as this.

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