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12/12/2007 11:45 AM |

Do you like stories, but wish writers were less ugly and awkward and had more mellifluous speaking voices, like actors? I do! For this reason I like Symphony Space’s “Selected Shorts” series, at which short stories, written by writers, are read aloud by actors, thus sparing us the sight of writers thank God.

Tonight one such event is happening. The focus is on The McDowell Colony, the venerable writers’ retreat, and will feature three actors (Paul Hecht, Jill Eikenberry — of L.A. Law, your favorite T.V. show! — and Dawn Akemi Saito) reading stories by three writers (David Bezmozgis, Julie Orringer and Frances Hwang) who went to McDowell. Oh, and also, three other writers (Jeffrey Eugenides, Susan Minot, Monique Truong), also McDowell alums, will introduce the actors and stories.

It’s confusing, I know, but ultimately in the grand scheme of things it means very little, so don’t think your brain into a knot, like this brain (that’s a real picture and not a fake one, by the way). The important thing is that there’s fiction, which is good, read by actors, which is good because they’re not writers, who are bad. Also there’s Jeff Eugenides, who wrote The Virgin Suicides, which is good, especially in the Fagles translation.

(Oh, the picture with this post is of a colony. When you Google Image Search for “mcdowell colony” nothing relevant comes up, so I had to use this image, which is an artist’s rendering of what the first human colony on Mars will look like.)

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  • Hwhy, I believe it is MacDowell Colony. Note the extra a.

  • Well, that would explain why I had to settle for the picture of Mars, then.

    (I’d edit the post, but then these comments wouldn’t make any sense, so best to leave it. Learn from my mistakes, everyone, especially you Edith since you’re posting about the same event later today.)

    (Too meta?)

  • Dudes: no time for any events today since Im going to Neil Young at United Palace. But in case you or anyone else is going to this, word of caution, if you are taking the A to 175 be very careful for undercover detectives in the subway station. Last time I was there for Patti Smith/Black Crowes, undercover NYPD busted about 10 people right in front of us when they started to go in through the emergency exit(the two turnstiles get very crowded).