That’s an Unusually Cheap Falafel; I Hope the Quality of Their Ingredients and the Amount of Them I Have Just Eaten Does Not Later Affect My Digestive System, But I Am Sure They Won’t

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12/07/2007 11:00 AM |

What’s classier than an eating competition? Yeah, me neither. There’s one tonight at Tasty Falafel, on St. Mark’s Place, where eight previously selected competitors will each eat eight falafel balls, and whoever eats them the fastest wins–with their faces, they eat it with their faces. No hands. What did you think this was, a palace? Ha ha. Where did you think you were, Versailles? What did you think you were wearing?

So you can set your watches for that contest happening tonight at 6pm, but you can have your own falafel-eating contest with yourself from 4 to 9pm because all falafels at Tasty Falafel will be only $0.08. Eight cents. (They’re usually $3.50.) It’s part of a promotion by Ocho Loco (8coupons), a company that wrangles special deals at bars and restaurants to give people things for very, very cheap prices that end in 8. For instance, there’s also 8-cent beers and 88-cent margaritas tonight at Wicked Willys, but, you know, for whatever reason that’s sad for me to think about.

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  • Thanks. Yesterday I had a falafel at a place on E. Houston, when you exit at 2nd Ave and walk toward Mercury Lounge. I told the guy I had only $5 dollars to spare and there is no menu inside so I can’t see the prices, so the guy says no prob. he fix me up good. So Im thinking oh cool nice guy. I get my plain falafel and a can of Coke and the guy says- $6.90! Probably will not be going back to that place. And it wasn’t even good. Btw- I’m not cheap, just ran a little low on cash. x.

  • Cool story, x. Does anybody else have any falafel stories they’d like to share?

    Friday is fun-day here at’s Your Blog About Falafel.

  • Ok, I’ll start. This one time, I had a bunch of my friends from out of town staying with me, and one of them brought his roommate, Big D.

    So there we were in the Village at about 2am, and we’re about to get into a cab and go back to my apartment. But Big D is like, “I want a falafel. So he gets in line at Mamoun’s. And we wait with Big D while he orders his falafel. But you know how there’s that other falafel place across the street from Mamoun’s? Well, no sooner has Big D taken the first bite of his Mamoun’s falafel, but decides he wants ANOTHER, from the other place, so he can compare. So we wait in line with him again, while he orders his SECOND falafel. (He said the not-Mamoun’s place was better.)

    Wow, that Big D sure could eat falafel. This was years ago, I wonder if where he is now.

  • In college we had this “restaurant” that sold wings, burgers, and subs, and every day of sophomore year, for both lunch and dinner, I would get a turkey wrap with extra mayonnaise and take it back to my dorm room and eat it alone while I watched dating shows. Then one day I was like, Why don’t I try that falafel wrap instead, you know, shake things up? I didn’t end up liking it very much.