The L Mag Congratulates Literary Upstart Semifinalist Emily Nemens on the Publication of Her First Collection of Stories, and Is in No Way Jealous. Also Go Listen to Her Read.

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12/07/2007 12:00 PM |

Emily Nemens was one of the readers at the L’s Literary Upstart competition earlier this year. She read at the first semifinal; her story (actually a selection from a novel-in-progress) was about Medieval Day in an elementary school classroom, and the introverted budding architect who engrosses the class with his presentation on the Flying Buttress. It was a lovely story, sweet-natured in its outlook and narrated in an active, very visual voice. (She’s also a painter, it seems.) And now, it appears, and hey that was quick, she has a book. Scrub is a small press-published collection of four stories (and illustrations by the author), three of them written earlier this year, during her time in The Kerouac Project, a writer-in-residence program in Orlando.

Tonight, at Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery in Williamsburg, she’ll be reading from Scrub, and you should maybe go.

(Also, this seems as good a time as any to note that Lit Up 2008 is coming next spring, so you should really start working on your 1,500-words-or-less stories for that, yes? As you can see, sky’s the limit. More in a couple months.)