This Weekend’s Update Is a Bit Skimpy, But So Is This Weekend

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12/14/2007 4:00 PM |
  • La Strada, who the L thinks you’d like, if you like old-world romantic indie collectives with a string section, accordion solos, lyrics occasionally sung in languages other than English, and so on, are at the Living Room on Saturday night. It’l be their last show for a while, check ’em out if you haven’t.
  • BAM’s Max Ophuls series is continuing with screenings all weekend of one of his best and best-known films, The Earrings of Madame De… When Film Forum revived the movie earlier this year, a lot of people whose opinions you should take seriously were motivated to turn in pieces ranking among their most eloquent and insightful of the year; this is probably a clue that you should pay attention.
  • Oh, I Am Legend finally opened, and it’s actually really pretty awesome. Go see it, if it’s not sold out. And maybe stop by your local independent bookstore afterward to pick up a copy of The World Without Us.

Ok, I’m going to curl up with a printout of the Mitchell Report and a warm mug of Glögg. (‘Tis the season, really.) See you Monday.