Waiter, There’s Beer In All These Things

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12/11/2007 11:00 AM |

Tis a Beer Ball tonight at the Village Pourhouse. A big ball filled with beer. You wear cocktail attire, you pay $50, and you celebrate your love of beer and holiday. There will be eight beers (“sweet Lambic beers, rich Porters, Stouts, cider malts, and exotic ginger beers”) and a variety of beer-related, beer-infused appetizers and desserts. Hmm, beer desserts. Natural Ice Cream. Cools Whip Light. Bud-ple Pie. Strawberry ShortBusch. Anyway, your $50 goes to MaroonEffect.org and Toys for Tots, so jump on it. Tickets here, and it goes from 7 to 10pm. What are your favorite beer desserts? Ale cake. Brewnie.

Trivia, what is different about this yellow beer stein than all other beer steins?

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