You Extank

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12/05/2007 12:00 PM |

It’s my favorite thing [to think about], Secret Science Club at Union Hall, in Park Slope. The separate themes tonight are drinking and evolution. Michael Novacek, paleontologist from the American Museum of Natural History, will tell us all about “how biodiversity and ecosystems evolved from the age of the dinosaurs onward to create an ideal environment for a new species–Homo sapiens.” And the 🙁 is that humans are changing our envirionment so rapidly that we might not be able to live here in the future. Have you heard?

What’s happening now is apparently called “The Sixth Extinction” because thousands of plants and animals are dying from overhunting, overfishing, and a general bad job. Filmmaker Alexis Gambis will be projecting an “apocalyptic video” and there will be lots of music and theme cocktails like the “Hungry Hyena” because the hyena is extinct.

Starts at 8pm, it’s free, learn, drink, stand, sit.

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