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07/15/2008 1:31 PM |

When you want to go to the beach, there are four factors to think about.

1. Proximity to where you live: How long is the drive, LIRR ride, train ride, ferry ride, whatever?

2. Niceness: Is it a little gross, is there trash around, are there condoms in the sand?

3. Crowdedness: Is it crazy crowded, are little kids running over the corners of your towel, are there people listening to terrible music on a boombox five feet away, will you get in trouble for drinking?

4. Price: Did you have to spend more than $20 to get there and back?

There are sub-factors too–like are the waves good, is the water really cold, is there enough open space to play Triangleball, can I walk over there and win a shitty toy–but those are the main ones. Every beach around here has at least one strong dose of a bad factor, so when you go to the beach it’s like this quadratic equation of fun calculation. For instance, the beaches I’ve been to:

Coney Island Beach (pictured): Close, not very nice, crazy crowded, cheap. (+ – – +)

Sandy Hook, NJ: Far, nice, crazy crowded, moderate. (- + – +)

Watch Hill, Fire Island: Far, nice, uncrowded, expensive. (- + + -)

Jones Beach: Far, kind of nice, crazy crowded, expensive. (- + – -)

All of these beaches are a great time, you just have to know what to
expect/how early you need to wake up. Any suggestions for
nice/uncrowded/cheap–far or close?

Because it’s more fun if you can add math or turn it into a list.

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  • you never went to Rockaway Beach!?

    j/k. I only go to Coney Island.

  • No, but I’m actually really curious about Rockaway. Anyone?

  • rockaway is really hood, it gets crowded but it has the best waves in the afternoon, and a “sand bar” where you can booze and walk back to your towel.

    If you are not a fan of chest and belly tattoos, and hip hop blasting from a boom box, I’d suggest staying away from 116 street on the beach. other than that, rockaway is my #1.

    there’s sometimes a gang fight, or washed up baby shark, last time i was there a helicopter almost landed on the sand. It’s always fun.

  • Long Beach-

    It’s 50 minutes on the LIRR, a round trip train ticket is $14 and if you get the “getaway package” it’s $18 and that includes entrance to the beach. Otherwise, it’s $10 to get on the beach.

    or…you can reuse the plastic card they give you and only pay once for the whole summer…just saying…

    Not too crowded, although last weekend was somewhat tumultuous. There can sometimes be far too much seaweed stirred up in the water, but that’s only sometimes.

    +, +, -, +

  • Rockaway is the best. If you walk into Jacob Riis Park (about 20 min from where the bus from the 3 drops you) it’s not very crowded at all. There is no lifeguard in the Riis Park section so there are fewer kids. Plus there is a neat old Fort that you can trudge around. And the waves are awesome. ++++

  • Oh nice, thanks. This is good info.

  • Staten Island has 2 beaches, and the ferry ride into the island is free. But, it’s Staten Island.