Building a Better Mousetrap and/or Bicycle Dispenser

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07/09/2008 10:01 AM |

Let’s see what those clever kids at Parsons The New School of Design have come up with this year. (Hopefully next year it will be a “Who can come up with a more normal name for our school, please” contest.) But this time around, it’s the I.D. Annual Design Review, highlighting the coolest, weirdest and most appealing works in contemporary design. More than 2,000 designs were submitted, and only 131 were chosen. Like this bike dispenser:

The exhibition opens today, July 9th, and runs until September 28th, featuring all sorts of crazy designs, like condom dispensers, Wii ping-pong paddles, perfume containers and enchanting models of a Manhattan turned into a place that could host the Olympics. Catch the reception tonight from 6-8pm, though, at their brand-new Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, and potentially win a raffled-off crazy futuristic bike helmet or a fancy, mesmerizing chair.