Cancer Doctor: “Seriously, Stop Using Cell Phones”

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07/24/2008 12:16 PM |

Great. More and more cancer doctors are agreeing that it’s wiser to avoid cell pones (by using headsets or landlines) than to wait idly for more clearly damning research linking cell phone usage to brain cancer to emerge. The current research is only feebly damning.

For kids, whose brains are still developing, avoiding cell phones is even more critical, says this cancer doctor, despite how cute little kids look when they’re using cell phones that are so much bigger than their faces.

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  • A study came out sometime in the last year or so that said it was totally safe. Conclusion: no one will know for another 10-20 years when/if we see the effects.

  • yeah, it’s totally safe. EVERYTHING IS TOTALLY SAFE FOREVER. actually, not unlike red wine, small amounts of radiation are good for you –– that’s called the hormesis effect (a little is good, a lot is bad). however, with studies like this (and the one cited by the commenter above), always ask cui bono.

  • so does this mean the idiots who run into me all the time ’cause they’re talking on their phones will die soon, or that they’ll just become addled by the tumors in their heads and run into me more?

  • Comment #3 made me laugh out loud.