Cheap Tickets/TKTS: Now in Brooklyn

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07/10/2008 11:32 AM |

The L Mag’s Mariela Quintana tips us off to the grand opening of TKTS Downtown Brooklyn, the kiosk offering tickets to everything at a discount–if you live in BK. It’s so new they opened not one hour ago. Or, roughly an hour ago.

I’m no economist, but are living in the city and being a cheap-o mutually exclusive? I mean, there’s so much going on here, with the bars, restaurants, boutiques, and rent and all that jazz, but, surprise! a buck doesn’t get you as far as it used to. The sad truth for the hedonist in us is that sometimes you have to cut back. And when it comes to choosing among tickets to tonight’s show, a 30-day Metrocard or those flats at Steven Alan, my somewhat affected passion for culture dies. But, as always, Brooklyn Borough Prez, Marty Markowitiz is looking out for us. Just under an hour ago, the interminably jolly Marty and an equally festive chorus of Brooklyn pols and Broadway stars led the ribbon cutting ceremony at the third New York City TKTS outlet, TKTS Downtown Brooklyn. And don’t they know how to please a crowd! The cheery little kiosk brazenly waving its signature red and white banners will offer Broadway, Off-Broadway, music, dance and Brooklyn performing arts events at discounted prices to Brooklyn residents and visitors.

If you’re in the Metrotech area, or just hate to miss a C-list celeb sighting, drop by the corner of Jay and Myrtle Streets. You’ll catch some classic borough proselytizing and some sorta classic show tunes performed by the cast of the cast of Forbidden Broadway Dances With the Stars! And if that doesn’t set you sprinting, TKTS has another offer for all us penny-saving Brooklynites: the first 250 ticket-buyers will receive a $25 TKTS gift certificate redeemable on their next TKTS visit. Thanks, Marty!

TKTS Downtown Brooklyn: 1 MetroTech Center, at the corner of Jay Street and Myrtle Street Promenade.
For same-day evening and next day matinee performances:
Monday – Friday: 11am – 6pm