Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

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07/16/2008 12:03 PM |

In case you don’t have “outdoor boxing match” on your Google Alerts feed, tomorrow night, Thursday July 17th, you can see an outdoor boxing match, for free, at Rumble on the River on Pier 44 on the Hudson River. Fighters from all five boroughs, greater USA, and overseas duke it out sweatily and bloodily in the sweet summer air, with the city lights as backdrop.

It’s brought to you by Friday Night Fights, which usually holds boxing and muay thai fights inside, on Fridays, for $30 (I wrote about it once here), so this’ll probably be your only opportunity this year to see it for free, on a Thursday. It’s awesome. Starts at 7pm, lasts for about 2 or 3 hours. (Or you can buy a VIP ticket for $30 to ensure a seat up in the front.) Ding!