Give to Charity Via Drinks Mixed By Attractive Fake Bartenders

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07/22/2008 2:09 PM |

So there’s this thing called Taco Tuesdays, where every Tuesday people from two posh organizations (usually a magazine and a fashion company) go head to head in a bartending competition. I think the rules are you buy a drink from whoever’s best, or whoever’s hottest, and whichever organization has the most money at the end is the winner. And the money they raise/you spend goes toward the charity of the organization’s choice. So, alternately, you just drink for whichever charity you think is better. Which is some kind of drunken Sophie’s Choice thing, I guess.

Last week it was Roberto Cavalli vs. Blackbook (Blackbook won by $50), and tonight it’s Betsey Johnson vs. Saks Fifth Avenue (Betsey reps the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund, Saks goes to bat for They arrange for fancy DJs to play music, and the drinks are all cheap ($4 margaritas, $4 well drinks, and a mystery “Fun-nizle” that they’ll explain once you get there). If you’re hungry, yes there are tacos–$2 each (chicken, carne asada, and veggie). Tonight they’ve also got a bonus Kissing Booth selling kisses from “Betsey Johnson girls”, so if you’re a creep that’s probably the place for you.

At Rewind in the LES, at 7pm.

Follow the jump for the future summer/fall lineup:

July 29th – Diane von Furstenberg vs. Cosmopolitan
Aug 5th – Kenneth Cole vs. PMK/HBH
Aug 12th – J.Crew
Aug 19th – Marie Claire vs. ????
Aug 26th – US Weekly vs. ????
Sept 2nd – City Magazine vs. Exposure
Sept 9th – (TBA)
Sept 16th – Cole Haan vs. Lucky Magazine
Sept 23rd – Harrison Shiftman
Sept 30th – CK vs. ????

If you think you have what it takes to guest bartend, email