Greenopia, Welcome to Our Home

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07/17/2008 11:19 AM |

Greenopia, the guide to all things greener, now comes to a computer/Whole Foods near you. It’s a magazine you can buy (for $17.96) at the store, or sign up for online. Or there’s plenty of free online features too.

Wondering why Fiji water is the worst? Which dish soaps won’t ruin the planet and yet will also effectively clean your dish? If goji berries are good or gross? Where all the fireworks trash falls? Probably not, but maybe now you are. Greenopia (both the online and print editions) has been around in LA and San Francisco for a while, but as of now they’re here in NYC. Green events, green news, green tips, green facts.

To get started, here’s their debut Get Greener Guide. It includes such pro tips as what seafood is best for the planet (for instance: farmed mussels, rainbow trout), which chairs save trees, which carpets cause cancer, and which kitty litter is hurting your cat’s lungs.

Worth a visit.