Hey Do You Guys Like Wine? Sweet Summer Wine?

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07/23/2008 10:01 AM |

Here’s a cheap, super quick recommendation. Quickommendation.

Cotes du Rhone Parallele 45, by Jaboulet. I picked it for its pretty label–clean colors, lovely fonts, classic style, etc–and it turned out delicious. It’s a rose, dry, drinkable, stiff. $10.99 at my local wine store. I really recommend it for the rest of summer. Do people ever drink rose in the winter?

Chantal, do you have any rose?
I actually drank it all seven months ago.
That’s hilarious. Quit it!
All right.

Sorry, sometimes I can’t resist these idiot dialogues. Follow the jump for a professional wine drinker’s description of this wine.

From About.com:

“The 2006 Jaboulet Côtes du Rhône Parallèle 45 Rosé is
a tip top summer wine, perfect for crab salad, couscous and grilled
pork chops. This wine is named for the specifics of the vineyard’s
location, on the 45th latitude. Jaboulet is one of the Rhone Valley’s
famed wine houses, with a focus on quality, careful oak aging and
producing a well presented fruit-forward Rosé wine. The flavor profile
is dominated by rich red berry, mainly cherry, raspberry and strawberry
with a surprisingly full finish. Great color, vibrant aromas and a
crisp minerality make this a refreshing summer sipping wine.”