Later This Week: The L’s Summer Fiction Issue, and Reading

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07/28/2008 1:20 PM |

Hey guess what, what, no guess, but I have no idea, come on guess anyway, ok um The L’s Summer Fiction Issue comes out on Wednesday maybe … what did I get it, you said you had no idea, no really I just took a stab in the dark, yeah right, why are you so pouty just because I guess right, I’m not pouty, this isn’t about my guessing it right this is about something deeper isn’t it?

Anyway, yeah, The L’s third annual Summer Fiction Issue comes out this Wednesday, featuring brand sparkly new stories by Benjamin Percy, Ed Park and several others, along with Literary Upstart winner Lauren Wilkinson. (The other two finalists will have their stories here at It is really exciting for us, maybe even for you.

Also exciting is the fact that the day after the issue comes out, so this Thursday, we’ll be having a reading at KGB Bar, featuring stories from the issue. Ed Park (author of the new novel Personal Days and a co-founder of The Believer) will be reading, as will fellow contributor April Wilder (whose work has appeared in McSweeeney’s and elsewhere), and, as a special guest reader, Lit Up’s Distinguished Spokesjudge Ben Greenman. It will be surprisingly classy, oh will it, yes really it actually will, well that’s terrific then, you really don’t sound happy for me, oh no I am I just don’t feel the need to jump up and down and caricature myself so that you’ll feel better about yourself.

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