Men: The Worst Thing You Wear

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07/16/2008 10:02 AM |

I’m not a fashion maven, but I am a human heterosexual woman, and there’s something that’s happening to men’s outfits that’s so bad it’s upsetting. It’s so, so bad. Why are you guys wearing this thing? Who taught you this? At first I thought it was just an occasional item that the Fragile Freddy Williamsburg clowns wore, but more and more I’ve been seeing it as a casual standard throughout New York City. Oh nooo!

This item is not only immediately feminizing, it’s despicably unattractive. What is it? Maybe you’re wearing it.

Here’s what it is: It’s the deep V-neck t-shirt on a man. The one that exposes the clavicle and the hairy/hairless top of the chest.

Where to begin with all the ways that it’s terrible? It’s like a woman’s t-shirt in its bosomy depth, and in its design to show off decolletage/cleavage. Except men don’t have cleavage. It’s like this, except a different but equally womanly design. These men are wearing a women’s shirt.

These shirts are so neutering, so unflattering, so bad. These are the worst shirts. You guys, these are the worst shirts. (I am the last dragon.)

(While Googling “deep v neck” I see that not three weeks ago Radar did a feature on the “douche-neck” shirt–it’s also an informative piece. Great minds hate the same hideous shit.)

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  • AGREED. I don’t even like regular v-necks for dudes and get annoyed when I see giant piles of them in clothing stores. I can chalk that up to personal taste, but the deep V is just plain crap. It seems like the next step when your shirt just can’t get any tighter, but you need another way to say LOOK AT ME I AM THIN.

  • silly hipsters.

  • yes. 100%. I was at the movie in mccarren last night where it dawned on me how widespread this douchebag-V conditon is. it’s a plague.

  • The white v-neck with so-tight-it-looks-wrong-on-male thighs-skinny-jeans-slip on-vans type-shoes thing needs to end.