Neat: Just Throw This Cup Right On the Ground

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07/21/2008 2:51 PM |

Did you guys know they can make plastic cups out of corn? They’re not actually plastic, they’re corn somehow, but they look and feel just like everyone’s favorite plastic cups. (My favorites are the 20 ounce plastic cups. Not too big, not too small, never too heavy or startling. Great hand feel.) But the difference between real plastic cups and these biodegradable corn cups is that the corn ones can melt back into the earth in 45-60 days, depending on the level of friendly composting.

I found them last night at Margaret Palca Bakes, where they contained my frozen coffee. If you own a store, or have a lot of parties, or have reckless children, I recommend buying them. A case (1,000 cups of 20-oz size) costs $139. (Versus regular plastic cups, which cost in the same ballpark, like these Solo cups that cost $135.) They also make a bunch more products, if you’re in the market for disposable bowls and/or sushi trays. And much more.

Anyway, the point is I’m starting a store called Edith’s Store. Details TBD.

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  • have you seen disposable forks and spoons made out of potato starch? I first saw them at Oko in Park Slope (they are compost-able) and now my office carries them so they must be available via Staples.

  • hurray! This will make an excelent x-mas present for a friend who has stopped washing dishes and switched to disposable.

  • Oh nice–no, I haven’t seen. Park Slope I imagine would be an ideal early-adapter with stuff like this. Good work, Park Slope.

  • CT? From the Real World / Road Rules Challenge? Is that you? Awesome.