Out Now: The L Magazine’s Fun and Games Issue

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07/02/2008 1:00 PM |
  • The games people play include, but are by no means limited to, pool, darts, trivia, Scrabble (TM), arm wrestling, badminton, hurling, lawn bowling, broomball, cricket, dodgeball, hockey, petanque, stickball, whiffleball, and everything else. Where to play real sports, bar games brainy, brawny, computerized and classic, and more, in our games guide.
  • Plus, some game theory: how we turn sports into stories, as examined by L film critic and Mets diehard Michael Joshua Rowin.
  • Elsewhere in the mag, Mike Conklin reviews the new Hold Steady album, and talks about what music can and can’t mean to people: “What the Hold Steady, and the thousands of fans who sing along with them every night at their shows, or every weekend at barbecues with their friends, are celebrating is that they came out on the other side, better off for all the shit they went through earlier in life, and in some sad, fucked up adult kind of way, actually sort of miss.” (He’s having a bit of a delayed quarterlife crisis, our Mike Conklin is.)
  • Wait, there’s a bar in the heart of Greenwich Village selling 40s for $12? Wow, irony and gentrification and fratdouchiness all at once, amazing.

All that and more, pick one up today, or whenever really.