Out Now: The L Magazine’s Vanity Issue

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07/09/2008 2:05 PM |

My favorite thing to do, in life, is to look at myself in the mirror and think about how good I look, and how I might look better.

On a completely unrelated note, there’s a new issue of The L Magazine out. It’s about vanity.

  • Most prominently, we give you a rundown of all the things that could conceivably be wrong with you, and what you can do to fix them. Penis too small? Enlarge it, with a skin graft from a cadaver! Lips insufficiently bee-stung? Get parts of a cow injected into them, to make them plumper and more fetching! Get your toes cut out, your face smoothed out, your butt enlarged, your butt shrunk, and so much more.
  • Plus, Laurel Pinson on things you can do to prettify yourself without, like, getting parts of animals or dead people or inorganic material put into you, forever.
  • Elsewhere in self-love, here’s Ten Great Moments in New York Vanity. Or, if you prefer, a cultural and political history of New York, in vanity.
  • Plus the sex, and the drugs, and the rock, the rock, the rock and rock and roll.

Hey. Pick one up, it’s glossy, you can see yourself in it.