Pretty and Trim, Waterworld Version

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07/24/2008 11:29 AM |

Finally, maybe! A gym that would harness the power of its exercisers–the more you run on the treadmill, the more energy the gym uses to… propel itself forward on a weird trip around NYC in water pods.

Whatever, it’s better than nothing. Ideally a gym could use its human-generated exercise power to run its lights, or the electricity for its A/C or something, but I guess what’s more important is for some people to float around. I guess I was wrong!

It’s called River Gym:

Envision your gym becoming a machine of human propulsion that helps purify water, provide spectacular views, and transport less-motivated citizens. Why should gym members be forced to stare restlessly at a mirror, television, or static streetscape when their entire body is active? Imagine this new fitness center as a series of many soft floating micro-islands revolving on a fifteen minute river loop with an exquisite ever-changing panoramic view.

It actually sounds pretty amazing. Like a really, really slow aquatic boat ride! That you can’t leave. It’s about a hundred steps away from becoming reality, but zero steps away from you imagining it.

One more awesome pic after the jump. [Via Diet Blog]

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