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07/25/2008 11:00 AM |

So Black Kids are playing at the relatively new Santos’ Party House tonight, in support of their debut full-length, Partie Traumatic, which I haven’t heard yet because I get all my music from L Mag music editor Mike Conklin, who doesn’t have it. But four of the ten songs on it are from their earlier free-to-download Wizard of Ahhs EP, which means (aside from, wow, ten songs, four of which have been around for a while, yes this band was rushed like nobody’s dirty business) I probably like the album quite a bit, for the sugarhigh bits of ecstatic synth runs, giddy wordplay and eager backup vocals. Basically the best new wave house party band playing tonight in New York, them; as for the fact that the website that plucked them from obscurity early in their lifespan just had a crisis of conscience over its place at the forefront of the hype cycle, and dumped all over said debut album as a result, well, take it with as big a grain of salt as you hopefully took earlier proclamations of Next Big Thingness. (And yes, despite the fact that I’m talking about “the Pitchfork review of [record]”, I realize that media outlets are not singular entities but rather comprised of many divergent viewpoints. Scott Plagenhoef doesn’t, apparently — if you don’t like this band as much as one or a couple of your colleagues, why don’t you explain why you don’t, just like they explained why they did? You’re a music critic, it’s kind of your job. By reviewing the hype and not the music, you’re making it that much easier for people to express distaste with internet music criticism in general, and your outlet in particular — as a main editor at a consistently well-written and adventurously tasteful music website unfairly maligned as a Pose-Striking Tastemaker, you’re kind of shooting yourself in the foot, there, I would think.)

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  • yeah he should explain himself, reminds me of that RS review (or was it Spin) of GTR=SHT, wonders of wiki, it was JD Considine who wrote it, so must have been RS. So, print media is not immune to that type of shorthand? wonder if they paid him by the word though.

    Anyway, the thing sounds decent, a lot of similarities to Go! Team as one of the above linked pointed out, and I really dig them, so might like this band as well.