That’s a Fun Top: Summertime Romp Apparel

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07/03/2008 1:42 PM |

It’s so transparently tailored to the downtown NYC demographic who don’t even mind spending $52 on a tank top (a male tank top!), but I can’t fight it. They look like baby clothes for adults–pictures of simplistic planes, boats, life-preservers–infused with that ’90s rave/fluorescent/chunky blocks of color revival that’s been going on, mixed in with a retro but squeaky-clean reference to ’70s yacht clubs, sailing codes, and bike wear, and, and…. and mostly just children’s clothing again. But whatever it is, they nailed it, and I love it.

It’s PegLeg NYC, the new Technicolored men’s clothing line for casual summertime fun. But I imagine lots of females will be buying this stuff too. Like me, with this one. They’ve also got swim trunks, hats and pants, but the t-shirts and tank tops are the best.

[Thanks to Thrillist for the tip-off.]