The 10 Creepiest Toys

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07/31/2008 10:28 AM |

This is the Thursday List, in which I show you what I spend too much time looking up in my spare time. (Check out the 10 Best Hugs and the 10 Greatest Misspelled Tattoos for more Thursday Lists.)

So many toys are so creepy that it’s impossible to pick just 10, but here’s some I feel pretty good about being really creepy. Let’s go!

10. Classic doll couple

9. Boy doll

8. Laughing clown bank

7. Girl doll

6. System of doll tubes (Kewpie dolls)

5. Fake premature babies undergoing fake medical care

4. A sock monkey giving birth

3. Babies on some enchanted evening

2. This is just called “Claire”

1. My favorite, the gentle man doll

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  • Toy preemie, bottom right. Nightmares for a decade. THANK YOU.

  • wow I didn’t know there was so much hilarity still going on in that tattoo post. I like that guy who wrote Frunk = Fucking retarded + drunk.

    That preemie baby is so sad looking, it’s like it’s waving “bye bye mom, too bad I don’t get to live…” mom wakes up screaming from a nightmare, everything is ok…

  • these are all dolls. you said toys.

  • I know you are mad at me, but that is the best comment ever left on The L Blog. Thank you.