The Happy Hours to Crush All Happy Hours to Death

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07/17/2008 1:03 PM |

If your goal at happy hour is “Get so blindly drunk that I throw up on the train home, fall asleep in my jeans with the lights on, wake up at 5am to take out my paper-dry contacts, and email my work that I’ll be ‘a little late'” then I have the answer for you.

Twin Aussie NYC outposts Bondi Road (pictured) and the Sunburnt Cow are offering Two Hours of Happiness: unlimited drinks–beer, wine, fruity “Moo-Juice” cocktails, and well spirits–for just $20 from 4:30 to 7:30pm every Monday through Friday.

PLUS if you engage in their “Toss the Boss” game–it’s a just coin-flip between 7 and 7:30pm–and win, the whole tab’s on the house. And, in case you’ve never been, neither of these places are even remotely dives. Bondi Road’s one of my favorite restaurants, and they have probably the best and friendliest, and genuinely Australian, waitstaff in the entire city. Amazing fish, amazing sides, cool decor, surfing videos project on the walls. And now you can get embarrassingly drunk for cheap.

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