The L Mag in The New York Times: We’re So Drunk!

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07/16/2008 10:30 AM |

Big news: Two members of our ad sales team were quoted in the NYTimes (cover!–at least for a while online last night) story about summertime outdoor drinking. Here’s the best parts:

…Also divided on the matter were Elizabeth Brady, 24, and her friends, who arrived many hours before sunset one night last week at McCarren Park Pool in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where The L Magazine, a local events guide, was throwing a "Williamsburg block party."

Ms. Brady — "Boozeabeth" to her friends — said her alcohol consumption soared during the hot months. "In the winter, on a weekend, it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s 2 p.m., let’s go to a movie,’ " said Ms. Brady, who was on her third beer, purchased from an onsite vendor, and works in ad sales at The L Magazine. She wears a ring emblazoned with the word "Boozey" on it. "In the summer, we head to a patio."

Her friends were not so sure.

"In general in the winter, everyone’s depressed and drinking," said
Jennifer Fein, 26, a painter who lives in Jersey City. "They’re just
drinking sadder."

"If it was winter, you wouldn’t be drinking now," said Mark Iantosca, 24, who currently is not working.

"You would be if you were unemployed," said Ms. Fein, at which point Mr. Iantosca glumly nodded his assent.

Yet, as their friend Britt Aronovich, 24, who also works at The L Magazine,
said, people get drunker faster in the summer, because it is so hot.
Indeed there are perils to over imbibing in the heat, like getting
dehydrated or sick. Wouldn’t it follow, then, that summertime hangovers
are that much worse?

Ms. Brady shrugged.

"I think it’s normal for people our age, out of college, to learn how
to function with a hangover," Ms. Brady said. "It’s like when people
have a baby, and they say they haven’t slept in weeks. C’est la vie."
(end of article)

Well put, Boozeabeth. We did it!

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