Tonight: The Glorious Conclusion of The L Magazine’s Literary Upstart, the Search for Pocket Fiction

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07/11/2008 9:00 AM |

Ladies and gentlemen, literary types and drinkers, children and other animals, mom and dad,

It’s time, 500 submissions and three semifinals later, for the glorious, quite possibly inglorious finale of the L’s fourth annual Literary Upstart: The Search for Pocket Fiction competition, our short fiction cage match pitting New York’s best emerging writers against each other in a no-holds-barred literary duel to the death, with beer.

In this corner, Brian Booker, author of (the multimedia) “Pennsylvania: Guide to Lodging”, a tale of regional attractions, local specialties, and existential dread. In this corner, Lauren Wilkinson, author of “My Dentist”, a tale of hygiene, pet tricks, and existential dread. In this corner, Jackie Thomas, author of “Prairie Rocket Fire”, a tale of religion, friends and lovers, and existential dread. They are vying for the approval of our panel of judges (tip: they apparently go for existential dread), consisting of the L’s Adam Bonislawski, Curtis Brown literary agent Katherine Fausset, Doubleday editor Ronit Feldman, and, as ever, our Distinguished Spokesjudge, New Yorker editor and author Ben Greenman. The winner will receive a large novelty check and publication alongside the likes of Ed Park and Benjamin Percy in the L’s forthcoming Summer Fiction Issue.

Plus! Bass beer for the low, low, recession-appropriate price of $2! Yet another installment in our increasingly infamous New York City Literary Trivia competition (please, sign up for it; it makes my life easier and I can drink more if I’m not wandering ’round the bar trying to sign people up)! Some other stuff, possibly! General backbenching and mischief-making from L Magazine folks not directly involved in the competition!

It’s tonight, at 7pm, at the Slipper Room on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. We will see you there, and remember you fondly ever after.