Tonight: The L’s Fiction Issue Reading

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07/31/2008 11:00 AM |

So by now you’ve maybe had a chance to look over our Summer Fiction Issue, and enjoyed the stories and all that. Or maybe you haven’t but are curious. Well, dig: come to the KGB Bar at 7pm for a reading of stories from the issue. Ed Park will be there to read Variations on Original Sin; April Wilder will be there to read Bring the Heat.

And, because three is a magic number, we’ll be filling out the roster of the reading with Distinguished Literary Upstart Spokesjudge, New Yorker editor, author and writer of topical musical theater Mr. Ben Greeman.

So you should come to KGB tonight and have some vodka-flavored vodka with us.

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  • I read the winner’s story so far. Her story was sad, though last sentence, I don’t know you could have went either way with that ending I think, maybe a tad too upbeat? Can cats really talk? Never heard of that. Also it was weird reading that story yesterday because I met a girl at the pool night before and she was a lot like that character in the story and was even taking notes in a pad so prob a writer/journo (if it was the author that would be just too fucking strange, though the thought did cross my mind)? I think she was impressed with my movie knowledge…haha popcorn was good though, did you guys know? free popcorn from BAM and a free poster of Elliot Gould, now hanging over my bed! also got free headphones and a seat cushion. just too much, better than sex!

  • I read anon’s story and he’s gay.