Tonight’s Summerscreen: Desperately Seeking Susan

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07/22/2008 11:00 AM |

Summerscreen, the L’s free outdoor film series at McCarren Park Pool, continues tonight, and you should come join a couple thousand of your closest friends. The gates open at 6pm, so you can lay out your blanket and enjoy the food and drink sold on-site by San Loco, Smoke Joint, Blue Marble Ice Cream and Brooklyn Brewery, and general commencing with your outdoor summer drinking; at 7pm there’ll be a set from Brooklyn’s The Mumbles; the film starts at dusk.

Oh, the movie. It’s Desperately Seeking Susan. To quote from our program notes:

Apropos for a Philly native who came to New York City for film school and made a splash with her first feature (1982’s punky Smithereens) Susan Seidelman’s defining work is actually about Making It Here. By the time she played Susan, Madonna had fallen off the turnip truck into a shift at Dunkin’ Donuts, a couple modern dance gigs and the attentions of Seymour Stein; the St. Mark’s It Girl snapped by Amy Arbus in ‘83 (now the cover of On the Street, a collection of Arbus’s Village Voice photos documenting the scene) would top the charts the following year, and here, in ‘85, playing a leather-and-lace chanteuse so postpunk she communicates with hookups via alt-weekly classifieds, would lead a new girl through the looking glass and into a downtown wonderland with cameos from Ann Magnusson and Richard Hell and scenes shot at Love Saves the Day and Danceteria. And Rosanna Arquette’s suburban housewife would stick around to become something of a muse herself, swapping Susan’s day-glo for (NYC lifer) Martin Scorsese’s crack epedemic-era performance-art monologues After Hours and Life Lessons (from New York Stories).

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