Tonight’s Summerscreen: Mean Streets

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07/29/2008 11:00 AM |

So Summerscreen, our free outdoor film series at McCarren Park Pool, seems to be going pretty well, right? You should come tonight, if you haven’t yet, or if you have.

You know the drill by now: the gates open up at 6pm so you can lay your blanket out and commence your outdoor drinking (and enjoy the food and drink sold on-site by San Loco, Smoke Joint, Blue Marble Ice Cream and Brooklyn Brewery); at 7pm there’ll be music (by Brooklyn’s Second Dan), and the movie starts at dusk. The movie tonight is Marty Scorsese’s Mean Streets, because Catholic guilt and violence in grungy 70s-era downtown is exactly what you should be watching while you hang out with your friends under the stars (that you cannot see because city). It is a fun, singalong type movie, totally:

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  • I’d screen this with Scorpio Rising, or even better, swap the reel in in the middle of the movie and watch the people freak out! I’m picturing the scene now, it would be better than sex.

    here is something from Sense of Cinema: “The use of music in Scorpio Rising is possibly the most influential aspect of Anger’s oeuvre. The soundtrack is comprised entirely of a series of pop songs and a few sound effects. The songs not only add to the energy of the visuals but their lyrics form an ironic commentary on them. This prefigured such films as Mean Streets (Martin Scorsese, 1973) and American Graffiti (George Lucas, 1973) that paved the way for wide use of ‘found’ soundtracks.”

  • im so excited for this you cant even imagine: bar scene:

    “Stay out of my place, I know your face!”