What’s Better Than Sex?

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07/29/2008 11:12 AM |

We just got this email from a reader:

My name is Vince, a 25-year-old gay guy living in NYC. I thought I’d touch base with you about my blog, Better Than Sex. The premise of the blog is that I don’t have sex for 100 days, but for each of those days I have to find or do something that is, you guessed it, Better Than Sex. I started it a little more than a month ago as a social experiment and a way to explore the art & cultural offerings of New York City. It could be food, a play, concert, a hobby or practically anything under the Manhattan sun. Some of the fun things that I’ve done so far include going on a silent date at the Cloisters, dressing up as a soccer chick for the Pride Parade, the chocolate cube dessert at Park Avenue summer and randomly going to City Hall to be a witness to a wedding ceremony. Anyway, I thought I’d ask you for suggestions/recommendations on things/events that would be Better Than Sex (or really bad sex, at least!) that I can explore for my blog.

Well, off the top of my head:

  • Volunteering makes you feel almost guiltily good about yourself. It doesn’t even have to be formal volunteer work–it could just be walking around for an afternoon looking for people who are lost or having car trouble or whatever. It feels great.
  • Um, drinking outdoors. Maybe a few bottles of sparkling red or Brooklyn Brewery Summer Ale, some good cheese, and someone’s roof? And a party game, like Celebrity. Six to eight people is ideal.
  • Petting and/or buying puppies.
  • Momofuku pork buns ($9 for two).
  • I like to paint mugs and plates at the Painted Pot. You just go in, put on your iPod, zone out and paint amazing presents for your friends. Dishwasher safe–only $10 per mug. (Plus the one-time supplies fee, which is like $7 per session I think.)

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  • Buying used books from the guys lined up along West 4th St from the NYU library (at the Southeast corner of Washington Square Park) to Broadway or so.

    If you like baseball, riding the Staten Island Ferry out for an S.I. Yankes game or hanging out at Coney Island and then going to see a Cyclones game.

    Eastern Parkway and the Henry Hudson bike path (when I lived in Manhattan) are my favorite places to cycle…

  • I can think of a few:

    1.Walking over a bridge- Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Manhattan into or out of the city.

    2. Circle Line Cruises during happy hour.

    3. The zoo in Central Park

    4. The roof at the Met

    5. Pedicure/Manicure at Dashing Diva!

  • sex, people. these have to be BETTER than sex.

  • does masturbation count as sex for this guy? if it does, I bet he’s cheating…

  • L magazine under the pillow! my new hot gf puts it there. And it’s Wed. and I have the day off! That would def be better than sex.

  • Used books, Mark?

    What kind of books are these books?

  • ugh, delete this post. time out gave this guy an article last week. i’m sure we’ll have to endure a terrible documentary within the year.

  • I should point out that the Mike who posted before me was a different Mike, a far grumpier Mike making really stupid demands. Can we get some usernames up on this piece?

  • hi mike conklin, different from me. take it easy, sir. i am not demanding anything. do what you like. but don’t you think it’s bad to run a blog post as if it’s something new, AFTER another major nyc weekly events magazine ran a piece on it? (which makes calling him just “a reader” a bit clueless.) my observation is not stupid.

  • I don’t think it’s bad… the guy emailed The L to ask for recommendations (as he did a bunch of places), and if you go to his website you’ll see that his goal isn’t to get One Story from One Magazine, but rather suggestions from all over. Since different people have different ideas, I don’t think running our version is some kind of infringement or copycatting.

  • BUY a puppy?

    ewwwwww. don’t you watch oprah? what the hell?