Where Is the Good Natural Deodorant?

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07/10/2008 10:04 AM |

Today Vital Juice Daily highlights some of their favorite natural deodorants. Natural meaning they don’t have any of the aluminum, parabens, formaldehyde, and so forth that link all the regular deodorants–tenuously–to Alzheimers and cancer. (The American Cancer Association says regular deodorants are probably fine, but common sense and shrieky email forwards say otherwise. Blocking up sweat glands with chemicals can’t be good for you.)

In the past six months I’ve purchased 16 natural deodorants. Seriously. One I purchased twice, by accident, because it came in a roll-on and a spray. I keep them in a plastic bag, and feel embarrassed when I see it. And I’ve tried two of the three VJD recommend (the crystal and the Burt’s
Bees), neither of which do anything, except the Burt’s Bees one, which smells like some kind of pine-scented Tom Joad-era groin salve. They’re all terrible. Now I just don’t wear deodorant. What’s the answer?

In the olden days everyone smelled pretty bad–natural, rather–and when lovers were parting, they’d give each other apples that they’d been carrying around in their armpits so they’d have something to smell and remember the other one by.

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