Where to Watch the All-Star Game Tonight

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07/15/2008 11:32 AM |

If your answer to “baseball vs. free movie about troubled girls?” is “free movie” then go to Summerscreen tonight. The Virgin Suicides is playing at sundown (with live music at 7pm), and it will be a great time.

If it’s “baseball,” bring over six beers (Brooklyn Brewery Summer Ale!) to your friend with the biggest TV’s house, and enjoy the game.

If your friends have small TVs, here are some of my favorite places for sports-watching in public:

Floyd, on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn Heights. It’s not technically a sports bar, but they have a big projection screen, and it’s never crazy crowded with screamy idiots or staggering clowns. This is where I watched last year’s World Series, and really enjoyed it.

Downtown Bar & Grill, on Court Street in Cobble Hill. They’ve got 800 different kinds of beers–bottles, draughts, barleywines–and terrific food. Plus jewel-colored flat-screen TVs on every surface, everywhere. You can’t not see the game. It’s almost a little weird, though, because you can be sitting at a table with your friend, but be watching different TVs–yours is behind his head, his is behind yours. And then you realize that watching the same TV with someone is kind of a preferred intimacy, but whatever! Get there early to secure a table. They’ve also got a great and very powerful hand-dryer!

Professor Thom’s, on Second Ave in the East Village. It’s a Red Sox bar, so be aware. But each booth has its own (not gigantic) flat-screen TV, which is a kind of awesome luxury. You all just gather around your own little special area, and drink fancy or unfancy beers (they’ve got lots), and enjoy group snacks. I recommend the nachos. The idiot factor is higher here, but if you stick to your table you’ll be fine.

If you’re rich, The Blue Seats in the LES is the Four Seasons of sports bars. There are, I believe, something like 60 flat-screen TVs.

There’s this great little place called ESPN Zone in Times Square. Ha ha. This one was a joke. Everyone LOLs.

Follow the jump for one more surprise non-joke.

From my esteemed colleagues:

Scott Stedman says:

I sorta like Mulhollands, though they have a “bill of rights” that literally must have been written by a junior financial analyst and his frat buddy friends at the tail end of a coke jag. Things like, “If you’re offended by swearing, cheering, or eating meat then you lose your right to drink here” or something like that— so bad it almost ruins the bar— but the million tvs make up for it.

Jonny Diamond independently agrees:

mulholland’s on grand st in willburg. ok food, good beer selection, lots of TVs (not a bad angle in the house).

Quoth Mark Asch:

Spike Hill (Edith: yeah!) and/or Mugs, in Williamsburg, seem likely to have sports on and hearty bar food (at the former, at least), without completely overwhelming one with a sports-bar vibe… the key, I’ve found, is finding a place that has the burgers and fries and whatnot, and the cable package, but advertises itself as like a bar and grill, or ale house, rather than a “sports bar” or god forbid “sports lounge” a la the abhorrent Bounce on 2nd Ave. Where else? Oh, Mullane’s, in Fort Greene right by BAM, would fit the bill rather perfectly.

I imagine no one in his or her right mind would try to brave Thom’s tonight…

Great teamwork!

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  • I third the Mulhollands pick and here is the weird and accusatory “Mulhollands’ Law”. I especially like the TIP OR DIE part.

    We take pride in offering our customers superior food and drinks at reasonable prices. We strive to provide an enjoyable atmosphere along with professional and efficient service.


    WARNING: Mulholland’s is not politically correct. If you are easily offended, there is a good possibility that you will be offended here. We offer our customers delicious grilled animal products, a great selection of booze, and the option to smoke cigarettes outside in our backyard. Consider yourself warned.

    IDIOT-FREE ZONE: At Mulholland’s the customer is NOT always right. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, especially if we think that you’re a great big jerk. We strive to keep Mulholland’s an official "Idiot-Free Zone" at all times, so if you’re acting like an idiot, we’ll be sure to let you know, right before we throw your stupid ass out.

    NO WHINING: Mulholland’s is not a Public Library, it is a privately owned bar and as such we enforce a very strict "No-Whining" policy. We are sorry if you are offended by the obnoxious strippers sitting at the table next to you, or if you think that the back area is too smoky, or if you don’t like the music. If you are the type of person that needs to have total control over your environment, then you really need to stay home.

    FRESH FOOD PREPARATION NOTICE: All the items on our menu are freshly cooked to order. We strive to have food to your table within 20 minutes but if we are very busy your order may take a little longer. Any well-done burgers will also increase your wait time. You see, at Mulholland’s nothing is ever pre-cooked and waiting under a heat lamp for you to order it. This ain’t fast food, it’s good food.

    TIP OR DIE: An 18% gratuity may be added to your check if you are a party of six or more. If you think that tipping is a scam, then buy yourself

  • A bunch more L staff recommendations came in after the post, by the way:

    Andrea: Riviera (big Sox bar) & Mug’s Ale House.

    Becca: The Pour House– frat-tastic but huge and generally a good time.

    Lauren: There’s a place called Blondies–one on the Upper West Side, and one on the Upper East Side–where I’ve watched a bunch of Ohio State footballs games. Not too shabby at all.

    Elizabeth: I used to tend bar at the MacDougal Street Ale House during my senior year of college, and (top secret secret redacted). And like 10 TVs to watch games on! also i’d say emerald pub, this new place called “sidebar,” McKennas on 14th street, and probably spike hill

    Mary: I’ve been to Bounce Deuce, which serves beer in large contraptions that are kind of cool-looking. It’s on Second Ave and Sixth Street. It’s very sporty.

    Dana: i don’t like sports bars. but: Mulholland’s in WIlliamsburg on Grand Street by Havemeyer.

  • there are rats in MacDougal Ale house. Large, confident, friendly rats. I used to have to beat them away with a broom when I worked there, so if you watch the all star game there, then maybe the experience will be extra-special. just sayin

  • Well, it could have been worse, you could have worked at Off the Wagon.

  • they were like the rats of NIMH, but drunk.

  • IDIOT FREE ZONE, indeed. they would have to get rid of the bartenders who own the place. biggest bunch of a-holes you’ll ever meet. one of them doesn’t even know how to work their satellite tv. plus, they like to charge you for food before they bring it to you.