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07/09/2008 1:11 PM |

Do you like Obama so much you want to eat him up, literally? Hate him so much that you want to crush him, literally, with your teeth? Now you can do that when you can buy a Democratic Donkey cookie from the Lower Eastside Girls Club’s Sweet Things Bake Shop (one of my favorite organizations, by the way–an entrepreneurial training venture and commercial kitchen for girls and young women in NYC).

Or you can go for the Republican Elephant cookie, and savor its small government sweetness by rewarding it with a place on your tongue, or punish its sugary conservative policies by demolishing it in your stomach.

For anyone who’s undecided, without a doubt after eating the Bipartisan (a package containing an elephant, a donkey, and three star cookies), you will know who to vote for. Again:

The Democrat: $15 plus shipping. Includes a hand decorated donkey cookie and three star cookies.

The Republican
: $15 plus shipping. Includes an elephant cookie and three star cookies.

The Bipartisan
: $20 plus shipping. Includes an elephant, a donkey, and three star cookies.

The delicious giant cookies are sold in a lovely ballot-box-style cookie tin that you can actually vote in, come November. Just write the name of your person on a slip of paper, put it in the cookie tin, and put it back in your cupboard.

To get these fantastic cookies, from now until electiontime, order online OR show up at the LEGC’s Farmer’s Market every Wednesday (today!) in the East Village at 9th St and Avenue C from noon to 6pm. Time well spent.

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