Bloggers, blogging! With laptops! About Politics!

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08/25/2008 5:30 PM |

I find it terrifically amusing that the Times‘ Style section is unable to run one of their many stories about bloggers–who blog!–without photographing said bloggers posing in front of their shiny laptops. Like we won’t quite understand the FULL implication of what they do for a living unless we see them. Typing. Or pretending to.

It would be better if they captured them in their natural environs, which is to say unshowered and pajamaed, probably shoveling bacon bits in their faces and hooking themselves up to a Red Bull drip of some kind. Which, by the way, is very, very dangerous. Right, Gray Lady? Blogging could totes kill you someday. Whoops!

At least the dude on the right managed to worm his puppy into the shot. So daring.