Breaking News: Young Hearts to Be Free, Tonight

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08/01/2008 1:31 PM |

[iChat, 1:23pm]

Mike Conklin: i would like this posted, with the headline: Friday Afternoon Video: Young Hearts, Be Free Tonight


Mark Asch
: i might save it for the sunday video of the day
MC: no no
MC: young people cannot be free on a sunday
MA: man, they are so free!
MA: (i just got to the free part)
MC: just not so free that they’re willing to ignore the “don’t walk” sign
MA: well, time is on their side
MA: they can wait for the light to change
MC: true enough. time, time, time, time, time is on your side tonight, tonight tonight tonight yeah.
MC: less ichatting, most posting this
MA: ok ok ok

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