Close Your Eyes, Make a Wish [for a space for free music in Brooklyn]

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08/26/2008 4:47 PM |

The L’s Lauren Beck cares about free live summer concerts in Brooklyn, as do you presumably:

Boyz II Men said it best: "It’s the end of the road… You belong to me, I belong to you" — "you" being in this case an emptied, dilapidated pool and "me" being the thousands of New Yorkers that have made JellyNYC‘s free concerts at McCarren Park Pool a part of their summer ritual for the past three years. It’s no secret that this past weekend was one of the last go arounds at McCarren before Bloomberg’s posse fills ‘er up with water, and the good people at Jelly pulled out all the stops. Yo La Tengo headlined. We had to rub our eyes and look again to believe it, but it happened. And then there was Titus Andronicus and Ebony Bones, who went wonderfully, appropriately insane, serving as a reminder just how much we’re going to miss these shows.

Here’s the thing though: They don’t have to end. JellyNYC has set up a petition encouraging the city to provide a space in the forthcoming Bushwick Inlet Park for the concerts and other cultural events to continue. They’re aiming for 10,000 signatures, and as of right this second, while writing this here blog post, there’s only 335. That’s pathetic considering how many of us have packed the pool every Sunday. It takes just a few seconds to type your name. You’ll also be asked for your home address to ensure you’re not acting as multiple people and making up names (names like Hugh Jass and Al Coholic, haha, that would be hilarious, right?). Community board member Evan Thies says the space could be ready by next summer if everybody gets a move on it, so get with it people. Click here, type your name, save the world.