Dying Polar Bear Rug

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08/08/2008 10:00 AM |

There’s a sad scene in the BBC series Planet Earth where the polar bear they’re filming doesn’t have enough ice to walk on because global warming is melting the polar ice cap, so he’s forced to swim and will almost certainly drown to death.

Well, they’ve made the idea into a rug. It’s called the Global Warming Rug, and it will make its debut at the International Furniture Show in Valencia, Spain, this September. Admittedly pretty, also creepy.

Also, “OK, looks great. Let’s get someone sitting next to the rug for scale. OK, Tony, can we use your son? Great, here, give him a laptop, now someone take off almost all his clothes. Great, perfect. We got the shot!”

[From Likecool, via Neatorama]

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