Fashion Week Primer: The Fug Girls

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08/29/2008 1:15 PM |

The Fug Girls have kindly elected to answer reader’s questions about the upcoming Fashion Week for their New York magazine column. Queries include whether they’ve ever been bitched out by the celebrities they fugify, what’s in the swag bags, and who is going to look the messiest this season. The tension mounts!

Among the best pieces of advice:

“Short of dressing up as a leprechaun or lighting yourself on fire,
you’d have to work super hard to stand out as the best- OR
worst-dressed person in the room. When there’s a woman in a bedazzled
fur turban making the rounds, your skirt is bes
ide the point, so just
relax and ogle.”

Somehow this seems to ring true not just for Fashion Week, but for the New York fashion scene in general–particularly when you’re little more than just an anonymous pawn in a someone else’s Very Important Game (as in the case of the lawyer lady who wrote in and is terribly stressed about how to blend in and impress). So, hurrah for Forever 21 tops and H&M bags. Because nobody cares about you unless you’re Anna or have a stuffed toy created in your likeness. Goddamn, those skinny lacquered pants are skinny. Teddy bears should not appear to have eating disorders. Disturbing, that.