Freecycle an Air Conditioner for the Rescuer of THIS ADORABLE PUPPY

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08/13/2008 12:00 PM |

The L’s Conscientious Objector, Amanda Park Taylor, drops by with a request:

While I’ve certainly availed myself of this space to ask our readers to do things/help people (and I’m about to do so again), I’ve never had the chutzpah to get super, freecycle-stylee specific. Here goes.

My favorite animal rescuer, Emelinda Narvaez, of Earth Angelsneeds an air conditioner. Hers broke, and she has health problems that necessitate a/c in the summertime. She also keeps the frailest, sickest animals at her house, and they need a/c too.

Do you have a not-too-old spare a/c, sitting in a basement or closet? I can arrange for pick-up, and will thank you BY NAME in my next column. Please contact me at [email protected], for fast pick up and tons of good karma.

Rising costs of gas, food, etc.have left her coffers empty. Can you visit her website and make a Paypal donation? Or maybe you’d like to foster a dog or cat? Or take some pet food, supplies, towels, a carrier, crate, or cash to her at Petco in Union Square?

She’s there at Petco on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 7:00pm – 10:00pm and on Sundays from 4:00pm – 8:00pm.

Please please please pretty please. We adopted our old dog, Miika [pictured], from Emelinda, and she was the greatest dog ever…

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  • I saw her on NY1 few weeks ago.

    here is link to that video:

    I don’t have an old A/C, but if everyone chips in little bit we can buy her a new one? I’m gonna see if I can swing around there today or tomorrow and help out.

  • gjk- thanks a lot! turns out the a/c issue has been resolved, but PLEASE donate/help/lend a hand.

    the NY1 piece led a lot of people to contact emelinda and ask her to take their animals- cats and dogs.

    adopt! foster!

  • oh thanks, good news. also for people who didn’t know there are cats for adoption inside the store as well, and if you can’t adapt you can also donate.