Heidi Montag’s New Musical Video

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08/27/2008 3:00 PM |

I wasn’t going to post about The Hills, its cast members, or their bastard cousins until next week’s episode, but, well, sorry, Heidi Montag has a new single, “Overdosin‘” making the rounds, and here it is. I opened it in several different browser windows because I was really confused by the, er, slow-mo thing. It appears to have been a purposeful directorial decision by Spencer Pratt: Mr. Heidi, Hollywood Machiavelli, and filmmaking wonder-man.

Who is the poor gentleman in the cerulean blue gym shorts, headband, and mustache? He looks so lost, like he meant to go to the 205 Club and doesn’t understand how he wound up on the set for this. I would love to know exactly how much these backup dancers were paid, whether they were given outfit selections or ordered to wear what they have on, and how many of them will drink themselves into oblivion tonight after everyone sends them this link.

Please feel free to offer your own interpretations after watching, preferably in Haiku form. “Overdosin'” deserves that much.

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