Michael Phelps Has The Medals, A Speedo Contract, and Now, a Crazy Huge Book Deal Advance

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08/27/2008 1:49 PM |

Eight gold medals, a bunch of broken records, and a boatload of free swim trunks later, Michael Phelps isn’t stopping until he’s the winningest Olympian of them all. And that means a book deal! With a reported $1.6 million advance, according to the New York Post. Simon & Schuster’s Free Press imprint is the lucky publisher, and the deal itself was brokered by the Waxman Literary Agency, which set a $1 million minimum floor price just to bid:

In the book, which is being called an “inspirational memoir,” the publisher said that Phleps will reveal the secrets of his success, and give a behind-the-scenes look at his approach to training, competition and winning.

The narrative thread is expected to be the eight final swims of the 2008 games.

Yes, but will it also include a primer on how to engage in public Olympic Village make-out sessions with newly rebounding swimmer hotties? Or how to cope when the whole thing backfires after said hottie calls you “nasty” and takes it back because it makes her sound shallow? And shouldn’t we still be hyper-focusing on the fact that the Chinese women’s gymnastic team are, like, fetuses?! Somewhere, Bela Karolyi is all weepy and sad and wondering WHY?

But as for you, Phelpsy–or should we just rename you Money Bags?–please get a really awesome ghostwriter, okay? God knows you can afford it.