My Favorite Homemade Cover Songs on YouTube

08/26/2008 9:57 AM |

M.I.A. — Paper Planes
Hey, girl in the back, it’s no big deal… we all come to a point in life when we have to make all new friends ’cause the ones we had when we were kids were talentless.

American Pie — Don MacLean
I won’t ruin this for you, but I do not understand how you can perform this song and not do the one thing he doesn’t do. (Hint: It has nothing to do with his tube socks or his decision to sit indian style.)

Avril Lavigne — SK8er Boi

I don’t know why, exactly, but I have an incredible amount of respect for this girl.

Belle and Sebastian — Judy and the Dream of Horses

He botches a few lines here and there, but I cannot wait until this dude tours with Jens Lekman and Sondre Lerche.

Weezer — Butterfly

It’s not very nice of me to post this, but I felt better about nakedly mocking him after he got to the part where he wouldn’t even say “bitch.” Also he’s wearing a heather grey sweat suit.

Mountain Goats — This Year

More indian-style sitting, this time without tube socks. When you look this much like John Darnielle, is there really any other kind of YouTube video worth making?

Moldy Peaches — Anyone Else But You

Of all the versions of this song on YouTube, this is my favorite, by far.

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  • I also like this cover of ‘Paper Planes’ that you showed me:

    Mostly because before I saw “WannabeLollipop” do his interpretation of the song, I had no idea how much M.I.A. was basically just ripping off late-90s pseudo-Blink 182 chestnut ‘My Own Worst Enemy’, by Lit.

    Oh, whoops.

  • yeah, “girl in the back” might try tuning her fucking guitar before getting too upset about talentless friends.

  • Sk8er Boi is broken!

  • this is a good one, “Old Man”:

    I’ll be doing one of these, soon.

  • Haha! This is fantastic, I just found it! Do I really look that much like John Darnielle?

    As an aside, apparently kindergartens don’t use the phrase “Indian Style” anymore, due to it’s racial overtones. They use phrases like “Criss-Cross Apple Sauce” and “Pretzel style”. I don’t really know how I feel about that.

    Honored to be included.

    -Patrick Ripoll

  • The optimist in me says: Yay more views!!!

    The whiner in me says: You’re mean. 🙁

    The realist in me says: Yeah, you’re right.

    The perfectionist in me says: It was an Old Navy sweater.

    and the mute in me says: