Next Monday and Tuesday: Summerscreen Grand Finale

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08/21/2008 1:23 PM |

So, it’s coming up on the end of August, and the end of McCarren Park Pool as we’ve known in. And next week is the end of our free film series Summerscreen, which is going out with bang-bang noise.

You’ll recall, of course, that the August 12 screening of Blue Velvet was rained out. Well, this coming Monday, August 25, we’re screening it; bring your Heineken* and Roy Orbison sunglasses. God what a good movie is this Blue Velvet. Gates at 5:30, music before the movie, which starts at dusk, call it within ten or fifteen minutes of 8pm.

And this coming Tuesday, August 26 is the as-originally planned big-deal Summerscreen finale. As we did to kick off Summerscreen, we’re throwing a Williamsburg Block Party, which means that you should show up right when the gates open at 5:30pm for a Taste of Williamsburg featuring food from dozens of local vendors, plus lots of live music, and then when it’s dark enough we’ll be finishing up our McCarren Park Pool film series with a movie that is we think fairly quintessential to the experience of living in hip Brooklyn in 2008, specifically Wes’s Rushmore. Yeah, we showed Rushmore to a couple thousand people in Williamsburg, what’d you ever do?

So see you there next week, now or never.

* Heineken? Fuck that shit. Pabst Blue Ribbon!