Out Now: The L Magazine’s Back to School Issue

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08/20/2008 1:05 PM |

I’m not going back to school this fall; I have a job and stuff, and so my life is just one vast undifferentiated blurry blah, marked only my the changing of the seasons and L magazine theme issues. Luckily, The L Magazine’s Grown-Up’s Guide to Going Back to School in NYC is here, to give me the A-B-Cs of continuing education, academic gossip and collegiate experiences like vintage shopping, underage drinking, and lots of other strategies for distracting myself from time’s swift and merciless passage.

Plus more back to school content, like cabbies on their favorite subjects and bartenders on high school movies and Laurel Pinson on backpacks in Fashionville.

Elsewhere n yr L Mag, we track down a fine new restaurant in Prospect Heights and bar in Red Hook; Conscientious Objector Amanda Park Taylor talks about why the Beijing Olympics are a sad moment for environmentalism, Mike Conklin talks about early-onset indie rock burnout, I talk about why you should see Momma’s Man, and Natural Redhead Audrey Ference talks about menstruation, and dildos, as you do.

Pick it up today, or at any point during the next two weeks I suppose.

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