Potential New National Anthem #2

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08/05/2008 2:40 PM |

“Prince, unlike all our other images or fakes or presidents, stands for values. I mean: he believes… Prince believes in feelings… and fame. Fame is making it and common sense.”
— Kathy Acker

“I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”
— Nathan Hale

Indeed, the song embedded below embodies the ecstatic and frankly very aroused patriotic fervor I feel whenever I think about American history and culture. Other points in its favor are that the words are easy for everyone to learn, and the fact that other countries would envy us more than they already do. A potential pitfall is the awkwardness that would ensue when high school girls sing it at minor league baseball games, although amateur-friendlines isn’t exactly a strong suit of our current national anthem either. Anyway, please rise and remove your caps:

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? This is a democracy, after all.

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  • Brilliant suggestion. I think the search can stop right now.

    Capitalizing on America’s sense of misunderstood individualism (“I am something that you’ll never comprehend…”) and dedicated commitment to grand theatrical pronouncements, “I Would Die 4 U” would also create an innate appreciation of drum machines, soprano vocals, hairy dudes, and inspire a comfort with sexuality heretofore unseen the good ol’ US of A.

    I would also petition to have purple instated as our new patriotic hue.