Rainy (or Misty) Day Activity

Hey, it’s me, your Labor Day Weekend guest blogger Clint Eastwood, Sexual Cowboy, with some suggestions for spicing up you and your family’s holiday.

We all know how unstructured time tends to spread out over a long weekend. Now luckily it’s supposed to be nice tomorrow and Monday, but just in case you ended up cooped up inside with the kids, here’s a terrific crafts project that they’re sure to love. It’s easy, and doesn’t require any supplies you aren’t likely to have on hand. And with school about to start up again, this will get the tykes back into the collaborative, art-class spirit!

Make a Construction Paper Cowboy Hat

(Instructions borrowed with thanks from this fine site, where you can also find the template.)

“Cut out the front of a cowboy hat from brown paper using a template, and cut out a long paper strip from a heavier weight paper from a headband to attach the hat to. Attach the cowboy hat to the center of the headband and decorate it. Once it is decorated fit the headband to your head and secure the length of it in place with tape. Now you are ready to ride the range!”